Patreon Plug-In Configuration


I have a Patreon page and have been trying to set up the Discourse integration so my members can chat to each other for TWO WEEKS!!! Why is it so damn difficult?! Up until this I actually used to enjoy tech challenges but this it now just depressing me.

The irony is that when you contact Patreon support they don’t want to help so pap you off back to Discourse help who in turn just send you to the same step-by-step instruction page which isn’t user friendly at ALL.

Is it just me? If anyone has any tips, I would love love LOVE to hear them!

Thanks, Nicola // @Weeslice // Find Your Happy Community

Hey Nicola,

Sorry you’re having trouble with this! Have you tried to run through the steps at Configuring Patreon integration with Discourse? If yes, are you stuck on any part of that guide?


Hey Rishabh, thank you for picking this up! Please see attached - I am getting nowhere fast i’m afraid! :frowning: Any ideas? Thanks, Nicola

From the screenshot, maybe the double-slashes // are the problem? Can you try updating them to this?

  • Privacy policy URL -
  • ToS URL -
  • Redirect URIs -