Payment before creating a new topic

When someone clicks the ‘+ NEW TOPIC’ button on my site (once registered and logged in), it should open up a payment gateway that has to be completed before that person is then directed to the Discourse post topic page.

  1. The two payment options so one-offer:

a) A one-off charge of £25 to post one article.
b) Rolling monthly subscription charge of £75 to post unlimited articles.

Payment to be handled by Stripe

Can I do this with discourse?

I think you are expecting a lot from an open source forum to do that out of the box!

You have two alternatives, imho:

  • be a bit flexible and consider paid membership instead of ‘by-post’ fees and you might be able to solve that with an existing plugin, e.g. this one
  • post a job spec on the marketplace category to recruit a freelance developer to make a plugin for you. Be sure to include your budget.

A workaround is to use an existing payment plugin and have people added to a group that has write access to the category in question. The monthly option is easy, as removing a user from the group when the subscription is over is a standard feature. Removing the user after a single topic is created is a bit more complicated, but possible in a plugin.

You’d likely need a budget of $500-1000 for a custom plugin.