Perhaps my most favorite Discourse features

I’ve been using Discourse for WAY over a year now and I’ve seen a lot of changes since I started using it almost 3 or 4 years ago.

My favorite features nowadays have to be:

1. Posting links in topic titles

I’ve made it a habit that right after I post in my gamedev blog, I immediately head over to the forum and post it in a relevant category. It’s like sending a tweet. All I have to do is paste the link right in the title, and then I can describe it for a little bit of context. Discourse automatically fetches a proper title from the link and moves the link itself to a Onebox in the post body. I love it.

2. Hotkeys

Especially CTRL+Enter for posting a topic/reply. It’s so much quicker to hit CTRL+Enter to do it than to actually hit the button.

3. Chat integrations plugin

In certain categories on my forum, when a new topic is started (and in some cases, like my bugtracker, when a new reply is posted), it gets immediately posted to my Discord for people over there to see.

This makes the two platforms feel way more connected. It also makes it so I don’t have to manually post announcements to the Discord. I just make the forum post, Discourse will throw it onto Discord for me, and all I have to do is tweet it out so hopefully potential new community members will see it as well.

I freakin’ love this program. Sometimes it feels like God himself wrote it, but, I know he didn’t. Best damn forum software out there honestly.



Dude, my excitement level is so high it overflows a 64-bit unsigned integer… 2^64 times.


That depends on the language and platform though.


Fine… it’d be:

#include <iostream>
#include <cmath>

using namespace std;

int main()
    long long result = pow(2, 64) * pow(2, 64);
    cout << "My excitement level about Discourse is " << result << "." << endl;
    system("pause"); // the platform is Win64.
    return 0;

Yes, that’s C++. :slight_smile: