Permalinks with capital letters

After import from my old forum i have to deal with redirections.

I have Google SEO plugin on my MyBB board and I used this plugin table to get permalinks.

In table I got links with capital letters.


Actual links on sitemap/forum:


On redirect page i got links with capital letters and if I use actual link I get 404 not found.

Is there any solution to convert links from capital to lower?

Maybe permalink normalizations option in admin panel can help?

I would have the importer create links with just the ID and use permalink normalization to remove the slug.


Nice idea, thanks.

I converted my links in permalinks to something like this:


Now i need to convert something like this with permalink normalizations:


I’m trying with this but it doesn’t work.


Edit: Working version


Now I have problem with polish letters like: ĄąĆćĘꌜŹźŻżÓó

When I tried this version:


it couse error on site: