Permanently Delete "FAQ/Guidelines" and "Terms of Service"

Do I have to be logged in as (or impersonate) the “system” user instead of the default admin account I created during setup?

How do I delete / remove default pages added during setup? Surely it must seem silly to click multiple times, for multiple posts:

  • click Close Topic
  • click Un-pin Topic
  • click Make Unlisted
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Anyone can read those posts, unlisted or not, from the hamburger menu.

system creates these posts as part of the initial setup process. Even if you’re an admin or impersonating the account, they probably can’t be deleted.

Only option I know of is to remove them from the database, which is extremely not recommended.

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You could use CSS to hide them from the menu, check this topic: How do I hide the About, FAQ, TOS & Privacy Policy? - #2 by MrDavis97

Also, you can change the URL the FAQ and TOS point to with the faq url and tos url site settings.

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