PG::UndefinedTable: ERROR

Hi, I have now installed Discourse as a standalone, but now I get this error:

PG::UndefinedTable: ERROR: relation “groups” does not exist

Apparently not the only relation that is missing

Ah, forgot to migrate discourse_development! But now this error:

lib/discourse.rb:534:in `current_hostname’: uninitialized constant Discourse::SiteSetting (NameError)


Can you help me?

Is this a developer environment?

Yes… Whereas I actually want a production

So you need to install it following the standard install guide where this error cannot happen.


Yes, that is the Docker version! However, I would prefer the standalone! It must be possible to install Discourse as a standalone in a productive environment.

While everything is possible in software we only support installs that follow our standard install guide, as providing support for the infinite combinations of free style installs wouldn’t be a productive use of our time.

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Why then does one not produce an official manual for a standalone variant?

Because the docker version is what uses in production. That’s what’s tested and supported. Anything else and your mostly on your own.