Pinning Topics in Subcategories + Parent Category

I think it would be very useful to have the option when pinning a subcategory topic to make it pinned for both the subcategory and parent category, instead of just the subcategory.

I see discussions of similar (but for not pinning subcategory topics in the parent category) here:


This is an interesting idea, I’m curious what your use-case is?

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@jomaxro Thanks for your response. There is a list of highly relevant resources that I’d like to make pinned/available in both the subcategory and parent category. Visitors from Google may perhaps only go to the subcategory, or the parent category. If it isn’t available in both they may miss it.

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I would also like to have pinned topics in a subcategory appear as pinned in the parent category.

My use case is this:

  • I am using a category tree to organize a large amount of content; essentially reference documents that are open for comment. Let’s call the parent category Seasons, with four subcategories Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall, and each subcategory has 20 topics.
  • One topic in each subcategory acts as a guide, including links to some of the topics within that subcategory. That guide topic is pinned.
  • If the user accesses the parent category Seasons they should see at the top the four guide topics, one for each of the subcategories. And within the subcategory, it should also be pinned.

This seems to me like it should be the default behavior. But at the very least it should be an option in the pinning dialogue.


Would also like to see this. Ideally with and option to pin it in both parent and child.

Use case:
Category = Gitlab
SubCategory = Announcements
Topic = Planned Downtime

Planned Downtime is an announcement. However, Announcements are opt-in, meaning not all users will see them. Consequently we also want it to be pinned in the parent Category.

Current work around is to pin it in the Parent for highest visibility, but that’s confusing for users who look for such information(correctly) in announcements.

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