Playing video in homepage

I would like someone to help me achieve this:

Put an intro video in that area of ​​the homepage.

Where is the autumn image, there would be the video playing.

I have the video as file:
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You can try it out but for now have not dealt with how it shows the homepage or topic. (1.2 KB)


Thank you very much, the code works fine.

But, I think I did not know how to explain it correctly, my forum is private and I want to place the video only on the login page, before accessing the forum.


I don’t know if the login page url will look like: / login or /

If only for people who are not logged in and the login page will change by:

  • data-template-name="/connectors/login-before-modal-body/homepageVideo"
  • user = api.getCurrentUser() (1.2 KB)