Plugin: Ask me anything or Q&A format (threaded replies)



@joebuhlig Did this go ahead?

(Joe Buhlig) #42

It turned out to be too complicated to do it well at the time. Might be different now but to answer your question, no.

(Dave McClure) #43

This morning, I had an idea for a new approach to this that I think could work well for us.

The basic idea is to introduce a limit to how many open questions can exist at any one time. An “open question” in this case would be defined as any reply that is after the latest post by the original. So if the limit were 1, then the original poster would have to make every other post.

This would allow for a “continuous AMA” with the orgiinal poster, but with an implicit rate-limit. When they stop answering, people cannot keep asking.

Implementation-wise, there could be a custom UI behind the gear icon in the composer for a new topic to “create AMA” and set the open question limit.

Or, alternatively, perhaps it could be done via a site setting that associates a tag or category to moderate in this fashion (in which case, the open question limit would be site-wide).

ama_categories: [ask-me-anything]
ama_tags: [ama]
ama_open_question_limit: 1

What do you think?

(Jeff Atwood) #44

That is an interesting idea indeed, but would only help if the asker is being overwhelmed by replies. So it kinda depends on the velocity of the AMA.

(Dave McClure) #45

Not overwhelming the original poster is one motivation, be it also, limit: 1 would force alternating questions and answers, which would make the stream very easy to read as well.

Anywho, I think we may try out some AMAs without any additional technical aids sometime soonish. We may never really need this feature to help. Just wanted to share the ideas…

(Mittineague) #46

Not that your experience will be the same or even closely similar, but these few may provide some insight as to what to expect

Topics tagged qa - The SitePoint Forums

(Dave McClure) #47

Thanks for that… Is there any post somewhere describing the “rules of engagement” for the AMAs on sitepoint?

(Mittineague) #48

IIRC, there weren’t any special rules.

The topic was started in advance so that others would be aware of the event - a link to a “in your timezone” site was provided in the post so others would know when it would happen

Members were allowed to post questions in advance.

The guests Trust Level was upped to exempt them from New member limitations.

I can’t speak for others, but my impression was that they went fairly well. They weren’t as “smooth” a discussion as a typical topic, but they weren’t as chaotic as a typical chat session. Kind of like “organized clutter”.

A rough analogy might be
a topic is a series of one-to-one posts
chat is a mix of many-to-many posts
the QAs were many-to-one posts.


Is anyone still working on this?

I am looking for a similar functionality for a category, let’s call it “diary”:

	Post (author only)
		Comment (all users)
		Comment (all users)
	Post (author only)
		Comment (all users)
		Comment (all users)
	Post (author only)
		Comment (all users)
		Comment (all users)

(Angus McLeod) #50

The QnA Plugin currently works like this:


It would be a relatively easy to add an “AMA” version of this which turned “Questions” and “Answers” into author-only posts. The hard problems of reordering Discourse topics have largely been resolved.

Is there still a lot of interest in the AMA format?


Thx for the hint :slight_smile:

I posted it in marketplace: [Paid] Create a diary plugin/theme component