Plugin for auto posting to social media?

Are there any openings anywhere that will auto post new topics to your chosen social media accounts? Such as Twitter or Facebook?

I saw one plugin for placing a live Twitter feed on your discourse site but what I’m looking for is something to accomplish the above. I’ve checked out but I’m looking for something better. They charge for full features and auto shorten your post url’s with their own shortener. Me no likey.



Now that’s quite a good strategy to invade a pre-existing Facebook group! (:rage::cowboy_hat_face:)

Even better that they would not be able to retaliate in the same way :wink: … and if they did that would have served its purpose.

Well I mean in a form where you’d have to authenticate as the page / account owner; my real need is just Twitter. Not post as comments but as original posts. Similar to WordPress’ publicize feature.

For sure. I guess the challenge would be that every topic author would need their own login details included and the target (e.g. Newsfeed, FB Group etc.) unless you posted a preview with one account regardless of author.

Sorry, I was considering what I’d use such functionality for, and it would be this.

I do mean that; a preview of all posts. I would manage the social media connections centrally at the admin level. Basically taking what is published on /latest.rss and posting it to the social media pages of choice. This is how I linked to

there is no need for an extension for it. I Use it


This could be useful


Getting warmer, but isn’t that going the other way? What about the approach to post a Topic to FB from Discourse? That would surely require custom code to run each time someone posted on Discourse?

I’m unfamiliar with ifttt but will surely check it out. @merefield , it doesn’t work like that then I guess?

It’s the germ of a great idea and I could be wrong but what is proposed above is using Discourse API to post to Discourse from an external source. That’s not what you requested?

Can IFTTT also listen to Discourse?

Btw was also discussed here:

Potential solution here:

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indeed - my apologies. I was spectating my son’s Taekwondo class when replying

I was thinking that the topic would give you feedback on doing the reverse, but maybe this topic will be relevant (see the final comment on the original post)

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so checking out webhooks pointed to zapier, the hooks don’t contain the topic URL in them for topic based events. can this be amended somehow? it seems like i can make it post just fine to Twitter based on new topics but it won’t have the URL for a link back to my discourse site. ???