Plugin Installation on Amazon EC2

I am having a terrible time trying to figure out why my plugins are not installing. I have followed the instructions. I have put the appropriate code into the app.yml file. The plugin folder is there (in the app) but the plugin I added to the app.yml file is not there. Meaning, the git clone command didn’t run correction, I am thinking. There is no error from the rebuild app, either. I can enter the app and manually run the git clone command and it runs and creates the folder for the plugin inside the plugin folder. Even then, the plugin doesn’t show up in Discourse. I have rebuilt the app every time. I have tried the git clone address as https and http.

Here’s the code from the rebuild app command and it shows there is no error in the cloning…

I, [2017-01-07T20:30:04.690309 #13] INFO -- : > cd /var/www/discourse/plugins && git clone Cloning into 'discourse-spoiler-alert'...

I went to my install on Azure and did the same thing - put the same code into app.yml, rebuilt the app - and it works fine. Meaning - the plugin installs and functions.

I have terminated the virtual machine twice and started over. I’m using the exact same install steps as I did in Azure.

I would sure appreciate any assistance you can give. I know that installing on Amazon is not officially supported here, however, I’m hoping someone has had the same issue. I have searched and searched for an answer online and haven’t found one.

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Does anybody have any idea what I could do to get the plugin install protocol to work on Amazon EC2?

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Can you show us the logs of the rebuild?

I sorted it out. I found in the log one line that said DB not copied. No space left on device. I’m not sure how that can be on a brand new install. How many GB does docker and discourse take on a server?

At any rate, I re-imaged and all is well. Thanks.

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