Plugin: notification on change to user settings

I’m developing a plugin to utilize Discourse as the SSO for another web application. The other site utilizes the same username, email address, and avatar as the Discourse forum. Its the opposite of the normal SSO integrations.

I’m able to utilize the MessageBus to receive notifications of logout of the Discourse forum, triggering a similar logout on the other web application. This was really easy to set up, definitely appreciate the simplicity of using MessageBus to listen for events.

I’d like to get something similar working for any changes (in the Discourse forum) the username or email or avatar for any given account. There doesn’t seem to be a MessageBus message for these types of changes though.

One solution would be to sprinkle around MessageBus notifications to the various places where those user attributes are updated in the Discourse code, create a pull request, etc. Feels like I’m missing something important though, because I can’t be the first to try this sort of thing.

Any suggestions?