Plugin: performing DOM manipulation on pages

I would like to run jQuery operations on Disourse topic pages from my plugin, but I cannot find a hook that fires after a topic page is displayed.

I’ve tried route:didTransition, route:setupController, component:didInsertElement, adding nested'afterRender') and, but they all fire before the display occurs.

(to be more precise, they fire after display when refreshing the browser, but before display when changing route thereafter).

I could go with setTimeout(1000), but I’m sure there’s a clean way… Anybody on this?

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It’s a little tricky depending on what you are trying to do. For example, scrolling a topic will change its DOM, as will interacting with it via various buttons.

If you only want to apply some jQuery to a topic after it’s been rendered and that will work for you, you could try reopening the discourse-topic component and adding a lifecycle callbackwillRender should work.


Thanks a million, willRender and didRender seem to work!

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