Plugin Quote Requested - Tag that pulls formatted info from json api

What would you like done?
I’d like a plugin that is a custom tag [item 12345]. When used it calls an external api to get an image and item name and displays it like this:

When do you need it done?
The sooner the better

What is your budget, in $ USD that you can offer for this task?
Between $20 - $100. The api work I would do and supply an end point with the formatting. Would just need the plugin to make it convert the tag into an image and name that is linked.

Here is the format for the end result html:
<a href="{response_url}"><img src="{response_img_url}" /> - {response_name}</a> -

This is generated from typing in:
[item item_id]

I’m aware that this shouldn’t be incredibly hard or time consuming, I could even write the js to make the api call, I just don’t have the time to learn ruby and/or the format for making plugins for discourse at the moment.

Edit 1:

I’ve started this plugin already basing it off of the discourse-spoiler-alert plugin. I’m mostly just adjusting the variables as I don’t know the discourse APIs at all.

Edit 2:
Here is the api endpoint with an example result:

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I’ve updated the post with more info.

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