Plugin that allows anonymous posting

(timeline) #1

I strongly believe that an anonymous posting feature is a great way to evolve from the usual forum systems - as evidenced by popular boards such as 4chan.

I’m not sure if the developers are too keen on making such a feature but I’m willing to pay for a plugin.

So the specifics are:

  • allow a registered user to make posts anonymously via a checkbox
  • allow unregistered users to post as anonymous
  • allow an option that makes a category anonymous only (wherein all posts within that category will be anonymous, regardless if the user selects the anonymous checkbox or not)

(Sam Saffron) #2

What kind of budget do you have, to get all of this done you are easily looking at 1-2 weeks of work. It is not trivial, especially the unregistered posting stuff.

(timeline) #3

How much would you estimate the cost for such plugin? I have a feeling this is going to be costly.

(Dave Mackey) #4

I think there would be interest from others in participating in a bounty. I’d be interested…though my ability to contribute is fairly nominal. Individuals that are part of these discussions would likely be interested:

(Salman, Freelance Developer) #5

A week of development is 4k (40 hours) for a ruby developer.

(Jonathan Feist) #6

Or 32,190,000 Laos Kip?

(Dave Mackey) #7

So to fund a weeks development we’d need say 40 people at $100 each. That sounds doable.

(timeline) #8

I’m down for that. It will definitely give (insert your forum here) an edge vs other forums/fb groups.

(Anton) #9

Really? Is this not a joke? I’m going to learn Ruby then starting from now!

I haven’t seen even a single ruby developer earning 4x4k = 16k/mo in any Russian speaking country, sounds really unrealistic.

PHP - up to 4k/mo
Ruby, Python, … - up to 5k/mo
Java - up to 6k/mo

People mastering Python in financial companies in Moscow earn 5-7k/mo, that is the maximum for highly skilled programmers. Then if you want to get even more, you have to become the part of a business, e.g. shareholder.

So where did you see $16k/mo positions for Ruby? I’m very curious about this.

p.s. This is offtopic… probably to be moved to a separate topic.

(Anton) #10

I’d add:

  • allow for per-topic flag to enable/disable anonymous posting which will override global configuration:
    • use global configuration (currently allow|disallow)
    • allow anonymous posting
    • disallow anonymous posting

One possible drawback of anonymous posting is that if you want to say something bad - it becomes easier with anonymous posting cause it won’t affect your karma.

(Sam Saffron) #12

Initial implementation is live

(Jeff Atwood) #13

Anonymous posting is available in Discourse 1.3.

(Jeff Atwood) #14