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I’m no developer.
But I’m willing to pay for this feature to be implemented, my team and I really do need this feature if we’re gonna run Discourse. :frowning:
Subcategory posting…

Also something that’s not as “important” but a feature we’re looking to get is an anonymity feature when you create posts…Say I want to post where I do not want to disclose who I am but still want to be able to post the question (invite only type of forum, so making new account isn’t an option).
And as you reply to your own thread you continue to post anonymous (moderators/admins should see name still) .
Very similar to how Coursera.com allows for anonymous posts


Should however just be allowed for the original poster to chose if the post is anonymous or not…

As I said I’m no developer, but these are well needed features for my team and what we’re trying to build,
if you think you can help, send me a PM, please.

Posting to subcategories already exists:

Here, “translations” is a subcategory of “dev” as indicated by the black rim on the category slug.

Yes but as it is right now having both categories and subcategories in the same box isn’t functional(having subcategories in the category box, it could just as well have been a category to begin with) when you have a lot of categories which have the same named subcategories, hence the need for another box to segment subcategories for the chosen category.

It just isn’t going to work for what we’re trying to do…

I mean I get what your saying @elberet but I had the same discussion with @codinghorror about this :stuck_out_tongue:
Just a feature we’re going to need :slight_smile:

Yeah, I hear you and I’m not against that feature at all myself - in principle -, but your description of what you needed sounded a bit like, well…

Just adding another list for subcategories is a solution that may work for your specific use case, but, for example, in my use case, simply sorting subcategories directly below their parent would be sufficient. Others might prefer an expandable tree. Or even fine-grained control over which categories are shown in the list and which aren’t… :wink:

What I mean is, are you sure that the second list the only possible valid UI design for your requirements? It’s just that the secondary list does not scale well: forums with many top-level categories without children or with very few top-level categories with a huge number of children each will see almost no benefit or even see unneeded, dead UI from this change. A feature request that fulfills your requirements while at the same time degrading nicely for users who don’t need it would have a better chance to be picked as a core Discourse feature, even if it gets initially developed by someone else thanks to your bounty. :thumbsup:


Yea, hmm yeah I get what your saying…
But let’s say I have a quit the few categories, lets say 10-15, and each of these subcategories have maybe 6-8 subcategories, you still think having them in the same “box” would work? Would make for a long list…

Yeah I suppose I’m trying to get how “I” would like it, but there as you said it might be quite a few that don’t want or need it…
We’re abit stompt on how we’re gonna deal with subcategories with Discourse, it’s fine navigating around Discourse.
But posting to the right part of the forum :confused:

Yup, that’d make for a really long list – all I’m saying is that there are other ways to present data then split it into more lists…

How about this, for example:

A design similar to this would degrade nicely in so far as that no unnecessary UI is added when there are no subcategories, but it’d probably become cumbersone with more then one layer of nesting. And I haven’t looked at it with accessibility and touch compatibility in mind, either…

Still, combine this with a checkbox in each category’s settings that defines whether its subcategories may be folded into a submenu and you’d have a flexible UI that can, given proper styling, look and behave exactly as what’s already available but would also work quite well with forums like yours. :slight_smile:


Oh yea, I really liked that example!

It is a very bad idea to combine two unrelated requests in one topic… different subcategory selection UI and anonymous posting are totally unrelated concepts.

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I know…
I’ve replied to previous topics in regards to both, figured if I made a bounty I should mention both in the same… I’ll do better from now on :stuck_out_tongue:

Anonymous posting is available in Discourse 1.3.