Plugin to Insert Adsense after First and Third Paragraph

What would you like done?
I am asking additional modification in already existing adsense plugin for discourse.
Here is the same plugin in wordpress where people are inserting ads after first or secong paragraph or heading.

I need a adsense plugin to insert ads inside the Content.
When do you need it done?
in 15 days
What is your budget, in $ USD that you can offer for this task?
30$ ( Flexible )

I suspect you might have a bit of trouble getting this work done for $30


Sir, Its flexible. I am asking additional modification in already existing adsense plugin. Which currently does not support it. If anybody can write me in private to discuss the price.

It’s madam. No offense taken though. :wink:


What she means is that it’s a $500-3000 job. When what you expect to pay is so far from what the job is worth it’s little point for someone writing you to discuss a price.


Then its out of my Budget

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I’d argue, it might be on the higher end of that, as to my knowledge the adsense plugin doesn’t insert into content at all. It inserts between content (think between posts).

What is effectively being asked for is inserting into another person’s post, that is much harder.


True, What i am doing now is. I insert ads in “Coocked” Posts table in database. Its working fine. I will see if content ads placement with help in or not. Then i will try to change the budget. I mean if ads are doing good inside the content.


Very clever! It would seem that ads between posts wouldn’t be much less effective than ads within posts, but I know nothing about buying or selling ads.


my forum was on wordpress before and Cost per click + Click through rates were higher in-Content ads (that is also google reccomnds). Let see if it effective in discourse. (Because now i am getting very less impressions as other two ad units are after the post and in footer. Where most of people do not even reach in long posts.


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