PM-User to Invite to Convo or Continue in PM

(mountain) #1

In relation to this topic here and this one as well, I suggest mirroring ‘PM User’ from the flag button to a link under “Reply as linked Topic”. Putting that feature under the flag button is not intuitive because ‘flag’ implies that something is wrong with the post and the flag button should only be clicked in that situation where Things Are Wrong And People Must Be Alerted. When I used the ‘PM User’ option under flagging today to suggest something to a user to prevent a conflict from happening, I thought it was going to be an anon message strictly to anon-suggest something so a moderator wouldn’t need to (ergo what the entire system is for in the first place).

The idea that one extra link is going to be clutter on the main ui (and in a spot where there is already a link and for a user could also be the spot to link to the PM in question just like a linked topic) does not make sense in this case, when a useful feature is hidden under a button that is (in most circles) used to alert someone to rule breaking, conflict, spam and trolls.

Furthermore, I would suggest that perhaps the PM-User option under the flagging button also alert staff, have it logged or maybe put a warning or notice of some kind where moderators are made aware that a user was PMed by another user in relation to a problem that the flag button is there for. The main reason is because this allows users to suggest things such as "Can you edit your post to our current posting standards? or “You forgot to fill out something which will delay this” or “please don’t feed the trolls” but also making a moderator aware something is going on or at least logged in the system to keep an eye out or at least know a user was actually warned/suggested by another user. That can help determine if things need to be escalated if a situation becomes worse. It also leaves a proper paper trail.

My suggestions are asking for consistency with previously-applied context that is well-known in internet forum ux. It currently makes zero sense, and I am not intending to be hyperbolic with that statement. Putting a benign feature under a button used to alert moderators to suspicious, malicious or rule-breaking activity does not make sense.

Starting a new message while browsing a topic
(Sam Saffron) #2

It makes no sense under reply as new topic, in fact, if anything you could make an argument that reply as new topic belongs with the rest of the actions and not in its own awkward place.

PM to user already exists here:

You could customise it so you, also, have a PM link underneath the avatar. I think it clutters stuff up for no good reason, but I guess some may want it.

(mountain) #3

Okay then. If I hit that button right there to PM someone through the user card, does it automatically set up the PM with a quote of the post and the title already filled out? To suggest the PM was created to continue a discussion from a topic in private?

(Sam Saffron) #4

It does not, but should, we already discussed this in a separate topic somewhere.

(mountain) #5

If so then I fully endorse that. Also, are there plans to have PMs made from that button in the usercard to link to the side like linked topics? Of course, it would be unique for each user and what they see, but it allows more of a ‘topic network’ that can extend in private as well as public.

(Sam Saffron) #6

tricky, but possibly doable.

(Dean Taylor) #7

I started the implementation of a “user code” version of “PM reply to post” here:

This does not currently include the actual display of a button.

(mountain) #8

Aye, I figured it was tricky. But, an idea nonetheless. Thank you for confirming that.

My only last suggestion then is to re-tool the PM-User option under the flag button to be used in relation to the other flag options. That is, suggest or warn a user (as the examples I have above in my OP) and also have it logged somewhere for staff. That way it will be made clear if something needs to be escalated (because with the PM-User option, it was broached gently by a user before mods have to be involved), and that paper trail if needed.

That way, the PM-User feature under the flag button can strictly be used to maintain order and not toward the discussion itself.

@DeanMarkTaylor I will be watching that now. Thank you for the notice! :heart:

(Mittineague) #9

You mean like Mods can see now?

(mountain) #10

Yes. But instead, for each user it’s at the side where linked Topics appear in the right gutter, to link the conversational flow. That way when I’m browsing the front, I can also swiftly ref PMs I got from a post in particular. It also allows a user to also cc/ping privately and also explain why privately.

(Kane York) #11

Topics in restricted categories show up in the gutter for those who can view them, so I think it’s just a matter of removing an extra “and not private messages” check somewhere.

(Dave McClure) #12

I tested a PM with @purldator and we can confirm the links do not currently show up from here to there (but they do show up in the other direction).