Polls showing duplicate voters

Polls are now showing duplicate voters. For example:


The one in the top-left corner is me. Interestingly enough, I switched my vote to another option and then switched back, and now I don’t show up at all. Even though my image doesn’t show up, there are still the same number of avatars displayed, though the order has also changed. Also, the total number of avatars shown does not match the total number of votes indicated by the number on the right-hand side of the poll.


Here’s a second poll with this issue in case it helps:



Just to update, it might have something to do with when you click the arrow to show more voters. Both of the polls mentioned above have enough voters that I needed to click the arrow to see everyone. Note that the first 25 avatars (those visible without clicking the arrow) have no duplicates within the first 25, and duplicates only appear after clicking the arrow.

Also, I just created an active poll that had two visible voters. The arrow appeared, indicating that a third person had just voted. When I clicked the arrow, five avatars total were displayed, including all three voters plus duplicates of the first two voters. Refreshing caused it to correctly display just the three voters, and since there was no longer an arrow there was no way to cause it to happen again.


Any progress on this one?

I believe @zogstrip has a plan for this one, not sure what it is.

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@nbianca, can you make sure we never show the same avatar/user twice by making sure the array only has unique values?


Fixed in


Can you push this change out to https://community.wanikani.com? I’m still seeing the issue there.

Not seeing any duplicates anymore :face_with_monocle: