POP3 Authentication with CRAM-MD5


it’s me again, from CRAM-MD5 Authentication for mail.

I now need to authenticate to POP3 with CRAM-MD5, but the configuration does not expose that option.

2016-07-23 23:37:48 pop3-login: Info: Disconnected (tried to use unsupported auth mechanism): user=<>, method=PLAIN, rip=82.*.*.*, lip=78.*.*.*, TLS, TLSv1.2 with cipher ECDHE-RSA-AES128-GCM-SHA256 (128/128 bits)

Best regards, hexa

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I think you’re doomed this time. I can’t even find support for CRAM-MD5 in the Net::POP3 class which Discourse uses, let alone any way to configure it within Discourse. As an added bonus, there don’t appear to be a thundering herd of alternate POP3 libraries for Ruby which we could switch to to provide CRAM-MD5 support.

Short of you doing a lot of coding to add CRAM-MD5 support to Net::POP3, and providing a patch to Discourse to add a tickbox to use that support, I think you’re out of luck here.

Alternately, do you have the ability to forward e-mails sent to your incoming address(es) to another MTA? I’m on the hook for a blog post (and associated docker container) about how to do direct-delivery incoming e-mail (obviating the need for POP3 polling at all); if that would work for you, I’ll get that post out ASAP and you can switch to that.


Yeah, sure. That sounds great!

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Hey, did you have a chance to write up how to do that yet? I’d like to get that setup as well.


No, I haven’t written that up yet. Rest assured it’s still on the todo list, now with two votes next to it. :grinning:

For anyone who is interested (and a little bit daring), the direct-delivery construction kit is now available for your amusement. Documentation in this howto topic.