Possible bug with 'Redirect After Discourse Login' field

Got it — thanks again Simon.

@simon quick question — did anything change recently that might affect how this works?

I have the above ‘discourse_email_verification’ and ‘wpdc_auto_create_login_email_verification’ filters in my functions.php and thought I had the Discourse auto-login working, but doing further testing and seems I have something screwed up. I’ll test this further, just wondering if there was a recent change or something I may be missing.

Do you know when it stopped working? Did it stop working after updating the plugin to the latest version? I don’t think anything has changed that would affect this, but it’s possible.

Unfortunately can’t pinpoint; been testing signup flow on and off last couple weeks and just noticed now, so always possible this could be related to another WP / Woocommerce update, or some other custom code we’ve added recently. Will poke around a bit more and see what I find, otherwise can probably just leave this feature turned off for now. Thanks!

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