Post deletions rate limit per day not working

max post deletions per minute - work well.
max post deletions per day - error

we have put for testing

More than 5 replies were deleted at an interval of 1 minute.

Who deleted is not an administrator or a moderator (trust_level_3)


Fixed in:

Thanks for bringing this is in my notice! :+1:


The behavior is not quite perfect, but the main thing is that it works. Thank you!

May I know the details please?


The user created 5 responses in a row. And starts to remove them one by one. With a limit of 2. After 2 answers, the answer is not deleted. But the first time you press delete, the answer is hidden. But if you refresh the page, the answer will appear. If you click next to delete again, the message will appear: try to do this for 20 seconds, for example. There is no explicit inscription that you have run out of limit for today.

For example, I now pressed again. The message disappeared. But there was an inscription: You perform this action too often. Wait 1 hour before trying again. Not 24 hours. Maybe it’s not from here.


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This is not related to the new post deletion rate limit settings but I agree that the client side behaviour can be improved. Added on my long term list.