Post event date not always displayed on topic title

I have display post event date on topic title set to true, but some event don’t get their event date thing displayed near the topic title.

Most of them have, though, the category is here:

In which:

  • Pour les grenoblois - Meetup le 28 mars have its event date near topic title: dans 8 jours
  • Soirée des communautés techniques rennaises don’t have its event date near topic title and I don’t know why.
  • Pour les lyonnais − Meetup le 22 mars have its event date.

Interestingly the one with no tag still appear in /upcoming-events.

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Hi Julien,

I’ve checked a little, and I’m wondering if it’s because you don’t provide an end date for that event. :thinking:


Hummm I can test that!

Yes that was it. Feel strange though…


I understand what you mean. That would be welcome to have the end date optional. I’ve checked the code, and the logic could be improved here to allow this. :slight_smile:

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+1 from me if this could be improved. It’d really help my community.

IRL events are scheduled, often with no end time. When there’s a list of events shown in the category, it’s pretty confusing when only a few are shown with the start time after the topic title.

Additionally, if an end time is defined, the event is removed from the upcoming calendar if it has already occurred so the incentive for my users is to not define an end time. Like I said, it’s a bit confusing.

Happy to help out if I can.

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I also hit this. Here’s a proposed fix: Show topic title suffix even when missing an ending by mbauman · Pull Request #501 · discourse/discourse-calendar · GitHub

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Any feedback on the above proposed change?

Looks like there are no tests, any chance you can add a test here?