PostgreSQL 13+ required for production?

Reading The Fine README I found the “minimum versions: Ruby 2.7+, PostgreSQL 13+, […]” Since the servers I’d like to run Discourse on, all have already PostgreSQL 12.x installed and serving other applications, I find it hard to justify adding another PostgreSQL version in parallel, especially that they run on the LTS versions of Ubuntu where version 12 is the one that’s supported. Hence the question. Does the current Discourse really require/use features available only in PgSQL 13+? If yes - what will break if run over V12 and can those be turned off to be still V12 compatible while retaining core functionality, or is it just plainly a “NoGo”?

The main (and AFAIK only) issue with PG12 is here. You should be able to work around that fairly easily.

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Thank you. If that’s the only issue then it should indeed be fairly easy to cope with.