Posting a new topic via API



I cannot seem to make posting work and unfortunately couldn’t find much neither in api docs, nor on the forum -

What type of encoding/cleaning (if any) do I have to do for the title and raw post body strings? I’m strangely getting 404 when posting on /posts.json with {api_username, api_key, title, raw, created_at, achetype, skip_validations} fields with form-data header (trying with python but postman gives the same). Any pointers to what am I doing wrong?

(Kane York) #2

Standard www-form encoding is all. Make sure you’re sending either (api_username, api_key) or (Cookie, X-CSRF-Token).


But am I supposed to receive 404 in any case? I do include api_username and api _key in the form…

Update: if I send the same request under admin user / master api_key it goes through, but I get 404 if I submit under another user but still with master api_key, bug or my mistake?

(Marco) #4

Can you provide more info and maybe a code snippet of your posting attempt?