Posting via email best practices

Hello discourse community. On my discourse site, in the category about topics, I advertise the posting email address for that category and mention it’s for trusted users above a certain level. I post the address as a png image rather than text to try to avoid spammers skimming it off my site with automated bots.

As I look around other discourse forums, I see no one else advertising post via email addresses. Is this feature typically used only by staff and not advertised?

Am I doing right? Best? Any opinions out there that can be offered to me? Thanks everyone.

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It’s sort of a fringe use. I suspect it’s most often used in communities where people were already accustomed to posting by sending an email to a certain address.

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Ok so for example using discourse to replace a mailman style mailing list? I also run one of those too…

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Right. I think that’s probably the biggest use for email-to-a-category. Import the list to the category & point the mail to it.


I know a number of sites don’t advertise it, but use it in another system for automated reports. For example, users can “generate a bug report” from a game which is then emailed into Discourse using the email-in feature. This way the email is never revealed to anyone.