Pre-migration evaluation for a large Drupal 7 forum

I just ran across this:

apply a set of regexp-based transformations, such as replacing BBCode tags with Markdown

It was last updated in 2016, not sure if it’s still a relevant option.

Is this still relevant? In the Drupal importer script I’m seeing code like:

 create_posts(results, total: total_count, offset: offset) do |row|
        topic_mapping = topic_lookup_from_imported_post_id("nid:#{row['nid']}")
 def create_permalinks
    puts '', 'creating permalinks...'

    Topic.listable_topics.find_each do |topic|
        tcf = topic.custom_fields
        if tcf && tcf['import_id']
          node_id = tcf['import_id'][/nid:(\d+)/, 1]
          slug = "/topic/#{node_id}"
          Permalink.create(url: slug, topic_id:
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