Pre-seeded Data Explorer "assigned" queries need updating

Hello Discourse Devs!

recently I noticed that the default queries of the Data Explorer plugin “List of assigned topics by user” and “Total topics assigned per user” (maybe others as well) stopped updating.

I managed to trace back the issue to an update to the Assign plugin, where the assignments were moved to a dedicated table in the database.

I was able to write my own query to get the current state of the assigned topics. But, even if I edited the default queries, they still produced the same results as before.

Would it be possible to have these queries updated according to the changes in the Assign plugin?

Thank you!



Thanks for bringing this to our attention! The following Data Explorer queries related to assignments need to be updated to use the assignments table instead of the old topic_custom_fields:

  • List of assigned topics by user
  • Total topics assigned per user

Thank you for finding that bug.

It is fixed with the latest discourse-data-explorer: