Privacy questions about administrator / moderator abilities

(Joseph Tucker) #1


I have some questions related to privacy and data security compliance. I hope the answers will be useful to other users requiring compliance.

  1. Who can administer Permissions in the admin user profile?
    e.g. /admin/users/12345/jamessmith

  2. Where can I see a list of administrators?

  3. Do moderators have access to (a) email addresses, (b) real first and last names or other PII?

(Bhanu Sharma) #2

Forum administrators


Depending upon settings, Moderators will have access to email address but will not see any name if name is disabled in settings.

(Joseph Tucker) #3

Thanks so much for your reply.

Where are these settings?

(Bhanu Sharma) #4

In the settings tab on admin page. I don’t remember them on the top of my head but it should be very descriptive i.e. enable_names and full_name_required

(Kane York) #5

The forum only stores the name that users provide and performs no “legitimacy checking” on that name whatsoever. Moderators (and admins) don’t get any more access to the “full name” field than any other member of the forum unless you disable display of it in the UI.