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Looking to set up a new community with a regular selection of public categories in addition to hundreds of private groups of 10 people per group. Users would be assigned to a group after registration by admin.

Would like to have the Group and its contents to only be visible to users of that group as in a private group. Also, would like those discussions to be private and to not be picked up by search engines, etc.

That’s all supported by groups within discourse.

Categories can be hidden and protected with access restricted to particular groups.

Groups can be hidden from non-members.

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Hundreds of categories can be a performance issue. You might consider group PMs.

my apologies for not reviewing docs yet and for getting terminology wrong, just looking to see if supported before moving forward.

So post registration as admin, I can create a group and add specific members to that group. I then create a new Category and make it accessible to only that group, correct?

Would that Category still appear to all members or only visible to Group?

Would like these private groups to have their own discussion space, not visible to other members. PM = private messaging? If I have 100 or 200 private groups, is there a more efficient way to set up?


If you have only a couple of hundred, then you can use categories rather than PMs. Group PMs are still easier, though, as they don’t require creating categories.

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