Private Messages how to put to inbox from sent when imported from vanilla

Imported 2million Private Messages but how to put to inbox from sent when imported from vanilla

Typically, the Inbox will only contain private messages where either:

  1. You received the private message sent by someone else.
  2. Someone has replied to a private message that you sent.

I’ve noticed with importing from other boards that private messages in category #2 don’t appear to show properly in the Inbox, even when the topic does have replies. This appears to be due to a condition on the query for the Inbox that pertains to the participant_count field of the topic. The importer doesn’t properly update this field, so it is set to 1 by default. When the participant_count is 1, the query will not return that topic for display in the Inbox view.

To fix this, you’ll need to either adjust the importer to include a count of participants in the private message, or update the participant count after the import, which can be accomplished by running this on the rails console:

More here:


Thanks Ghan! it worked to show both of users in a conversation.

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