Private post feature

I want users to choose if they want their posts hidden/private or public/unprivate.
Hidden does so only the users and staff can see the posts, which also include., No Google Search results from the hidden Post. The users, can choose anytime, also when the Post has been made.

If I understand you correctly, this is already possible (and has been for almost the life of Discourse).

That is achieved simply by placing the parent Topic (a Post is part of a Topic) in a Category that is at least restricted by trust_level_0 group.

I do this on one of my sites. It masks these Posts from Google whilst encouraging sign-up as a bonus.

In this case the user could send a personal message to the staff group. Otherwise they post in a public category.
But the user has to ask a moderator to make a public topic a personal message or to publish a message

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Can we clarify something?

Each user’s Post can only be seen by staff and that user, or all registered users can see the Posts (including staff)?

You were a bit ambiguous I feel. It depends on your definition of “users”.

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The closest thing that exists is this unofficial plugin:

But it doesn’t do exactly what you want, as the feature is enabled per-topic (all posts in the topic will be hidden).

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Each user’s Post can only be seen by staff and that user

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it would be better if users could pick self