Private Topics - are they supported?

No, he correctly said there are category permissions. You cannot set permissions per topic.

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got it, Many thanks for the help.

I would appreciate if you can shed some light on this too ? Thanks in advance @codinghorror

As I understand your “requirements”, there is no need for a plugin,

In the sense that a message is in effect treated as a topic (without a category) control over which members can access it already exists.

Earlier you said messages were “hard to search”
Sorry, but I disagree, I do not believe that it would be more difficult for anyone to find any given message than it would be to find any given forum topic.

I guess a large part of the problem is you have said “my requirements” but I do not understand what those are.

Please provide exact and detailed specifications explaining what the requirements are.

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I wanted to restrict to a specific group the creation of threads in a particular category; everyone else can only view or reply in this category. However, no matter how I edit the permissions under the category security, the permissions remain with the “everyone” permission only with no other permissions attached. Am I misunderstanding the use of the permission feature? Would much appreciate the help. Thank you!

Can you read through this topic and see if it answers your question? How to create private categories using category security settings


Thank you for the link – that was helpful!

I realized in order to save the additional permissions, I would need to click the “Add Permission” button again – and that would solve my problem. Sorry for the question!

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