Private Topics Plugin

Thanks for the plugin @RGJ, it seems to fulfil my needed feature. :slight_smile: Two issues I came across while testing it:

  1. If I “open up” an existing category A (so far only accessible for group A) by activating within the security settings the “enable private topics” checkbox and adding rights for another group B to be able to post their private topics, it seems, that all existing topics by other users of group A can be viewed by members of group B. So it seems, that the private topic feature only works for topics created after enabling of the plugin, but not for existing topics, created before enabling the plugin. Can someone confirm this?
    My expected/wished working would be that also existing topics stay/get hidden for users of group B (as it works for new topics). Otherwise I’m not sure how to migrate.
  2. While testing, I noticed that after having created a topic by a user belonging to group A (owner of the category), that for a user of group B the counter New (1) in the category view was shown. As the topic was (correctly) hidden to the user, this notification by the counter seems to be a bug and might irritate users.

discourse 3.2.0.beta5-dev (cef6aca6e5)
plugin 1.5.3 (709df2c)