Problem with my Header

hello everyone,

So longtime ago, i didnt update my forum. So some day ago, i wanted to make an update. With docker it didnt work, si i did that manually on the server. Everything works well EXCEPT

  • My header is bugged.

Green line and hide text.

Can you help me please ?

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You probably have an outdated theme component. Disable them one by one to find the culprit. (Or update them all, if they are components listed on meta, they probably have updates.)


Yes you are right. i think everything was updated but no actually. So its ok i think the problem will be resolved. thank you !

Sorry i come back. Unfortunately, i disables every plugin i installed (only 4). And always this green bar which hide some text. I hate this kind of bug. its little but so boring.

You need to look at themes and theme components, they’re different from plugins. (Good news is you can do this from the admin interface, under Customize.)

Yes i saw. And i updated all my plugin but no changes… I dont understand…

It looks like you have a green drop shadow on the header. Do you know how to inspect the CSS of an element in your browser? If not, you’d need to share your site domain, as the screenshot alone won’t give more clues.

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