Problem with post revisions after updating to 2.8.6 stable or 2.9.0.beta7

Thanks a lot guys!
This time it ran successfully and this is the output

$w3dg @ 06:14:52 > /var/discourse: sudo ./launcher enter app
[sudo] password for w3dg:
WARNING: Docker version 17.05.0-ce deprecated, recommend upgrade to 17.06.2 or newer.
x86_64 arch detected.
WARNING: containers/app.yml file is world-readable. You can secure this file by running: chmod o-rwx containers/app.yml
root@W3DG-app:/var/www/discourse# cd /var/www/discourse
root@W3DG-app:/var/www/discourse# sudo -EH -u discourse bin/rake "revisions:debug_deserialization"
Checking 18451 PostRevision records in batches of 1000... this may take some time...


---- Summary ----
Checked records: 18451

---- Examples ----


But unfortunately my revision of that topic here is still empty. Sorry. Any other logs I can give you?

My discourse is also a standard install btw.