Problems after import from semi-large forum

(Thomas Huulbæk Titanium) #1

Continuing the discussion from Importing from Vanilla:

It took about 30 hours to import from Vanilla MySQL database. However, I have encountered a couple of issues that I hope someone could help me with.

  • System reports a lot of queued jobs which stays constant at the same number - what does it even mean?

    The number of queued jobs is 1573616, which is high. This could indicate a problem with the Sidekiq process(es), or you may need to add more Sidekiq workers.

  • Emails are not being sent - there are no connection attempts to the smtp server. I have another instance of Discourse running with exact same SMTP setup where it is working. SMTP testet ok on host via telnet. Can this be related to queued jobs?

  • A lot of topics are without category - may be related to first problem?

(Sam Saffron) #3

How many topics / posts / categories / users are you importing?

Topics that are missing categories are going to stay with missing categories, sounds like you have missing mapping somewhere.

I would not expect any emails to come through before the job queue clears, may take quite a few hours.

(Thomas Huulbæk Titanium) #4

About 28.000 users - that was fast import, categories likewise. .I think it was 575.000 posts. Everything seems right in the MySQL database.

The number is now 1.579.987 - so it seems to be going up if anything? :scream:

(Kane York) #5

This is what you want to do - change the app.yml to launch more Sidekiq workers to process all the work from the import, until that’s all done.

(Thomas Huulbæk Titanium) #6

It eventually worked, increasing the workers. However, it still took more than 48 hours on a DigitalOcean 16GB droplet. But thanks! :smile: