Problems with Patreon Login, Force HTTPS, and S3 CDN (three) Issues

Then you really need to get help there because all that’s really supported here is a standard install.

Are you expecting more than 200K page views/day? If not, a single 8GB droplet with CDN will be much easier to manage and probably cheaper. And from what I can tell, there are at least a couple of ways those instructions are likely not to work for anyone.

First, did set you up an external redis as described in step 5? If not, I’d expect things to be at least a little bit broken. They imply that using sticky will “fix” it, but it really won’t. So you can expect hard-to-diagnose spurious errors. And they don’t specify a way to make sure that all of your instances are running exactly the same version of Discourse, so that too is likely to make things broken.

You really wanted to do that first, otherwise, actually, that setup can’t work, because some uploads will be on one server and some on another, and those instructions make no mention of the word “upload”, so I expect that if you’ve been using this for more than testing you’ve got something of a mess on your hands and you’ll need to sync up the uploads between your multiple droplets.

It specifically states that the Digital Ocean CDN doesn’t work with Discourse.

Did you use a different CDN as it recommends? is pretty easy and simple to set up.