Product icons out of alignment after update

I have just upgraded my Staging portal to the latest version


Before upgrade our portal look liked the below screenshot.

Now the alignments got disturbed as shown below.

can someone please guide me to set them correctly back to position.

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Doesn’t look like it’s because of the category icons list, but about your general theme setup and /or your integration of the search banner. Maybe move this to general support or ux?

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it was working fine before upgrade.
after we have upgraded, the list on product icons got disturbed.

As said before, it’s not about the category icons. The list renders just fine.

The way you build your theme layout is prone to bad alignment. You render your animated background in a separate container. Then you add components on top of it.

To get proper alignment with the search banner component you should render your background right on that component. Then add the category icons below.