Profile picture next to pinned topics

The profile picture shown on mobile next to the preview of the pinned topic creates the impression that this person wrote what is shown in the preview.

I think it’s misleading to show the one, who posted last next to a text posted by someone else

I also don’t like it, so I use this theme component on both my forums:

It sets the avatar on the right, so it looks like way less a topic’s author, and rather the last post author.

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There’s this theme component that swops them over for all topics, but you may be able to fork it and target featured topics?

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Since it’s not my forum, that is not my choice. Like in the screenshot I posted, where it is not the choice of Rob Nicholson to be shown next to the text of about the #community category, which he did not write.

Some time ago there was no avatar shown next to pinned topics. Maybe it was added with this commit. I’m not sure the problem for pinned posts was taken into account.

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