Proper dimensions for logo?

HI everyone,

What are proper dimensions for the Discourse logo? I have tried multiple sizes and either the desktop version / mobile version do not look decent.

Also, with a large logo - the desktop notifications image (which uses the logo) is scrunched and looks terrible.

The Discourse size uses 80x80. I’m assuming this is the ideal size?

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Hey @Erik_Manger,

the default logo has the dimension 244px 66px.
the default small logo has the dimension 66px 66px.

At least it is like that in my discourse installation. :wink:


I would use retina (doubled size) images. The small logo should be square, and the large should be a wide rectangle.


@codinghorror to use retina for the logo do I have to do something special or just upload it in high resolution?

Just use a higher resolution image, yes. 2x the size in both width and height. In theory there might be 3x devices one day, so you could do 3x width and height if you want to be super future proof.

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Also, based on this topic and some previous support emails, I updated the help copy for the logo settings so they indicate what shape should be used, e.g. wide rectangle for logo and square for small logo.


Great idea @codinghorror, I just wanted to mention that. You are as always a little bit ahead! :thumbsup: