Proper text formating for html data?

Hello, and first of all just wanted to say I’m loving discourse, the ease of use and functionality is just amazing!
Just came to one roadblock I’m unable to solve trying to transfer from our old forum.
The issue -

When creating a new topic/post api is sometimes returning “error 400 - bad request”
I have noticed it’s usually happening when there is a " sign at the very begining.

  "title": "title",
  "raw": "messagetext",
  "category": 1,
  "skip_validations": "true",
  "target_recipients": "",
  "archetype": "regular",
  "created_at": "time"

This is one of the messages I am unable to post-

getting featured in a website was pretty cool ! <BR /><A href=""""></A><BR /><A href=""""></A>"

I guess what I’m asking is - how should the “raw” text be formated properly? How it’s called? Thank you and have a great day!

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Discourse uses Markdown-it.