Published page not working in custom sidebar panel

Hello :slight_smile:

Is this fix supposed to be applied now? It’s not working on my forum ( 3.2.0.beta2-dev)

I don’t think it works on our forum either currently, but you could change the link to /t/../pub/modeles-2d as a workaround for now. Just note that you’ll have to open it in a new tab, or refresh after clicking it if you do this.

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I can’t seem to reproduce this and I’m on the latest beta and commit:

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Can you update Discourse and try again?

I didn’t try before/after, but published page links work in my custom sections, and I updated Discourse today.


Thank you all, I last updated 15 days ago, so it’s possible it was fixed in the last two weeks. I will try again and report here after our next update. :slight_smile:


I feel like we’re constantly racing against each other, Lilly :laughing:
Sometimes you win, sometimes I do :racing_car:

I updated Discourse this morning. It’s not working, but I think it’s because the publication is originating from a private category (in the Staff section). Even if the publication is made public for everyone, it seems we cannot use it as a link in the sidebar.

It’s working fine for publications in non-restricted categories.

I don’t know if it’s a bug or by design, I just wanted to share my observation :slight_smile:

As long as the published doc is set to be public and visible to everyone, it shouldn’t matter whether the source category is secure. I use an admin-only category. hmmm I still cannot seem to reproduce this. :thinking:

That’s strange! Maybe it’s something else… I will try other things to see if I can isolate the problem for this specific publication.

Well, I think I found it. It’s a restriction on the name of the published page. It’s not valid if there is a NUMBER in the name! without a number, all is good.

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Are you copy and pasting the URL? It can show up as red invalid if the link isn’t correct.

Glad you figured it out but I would not expect that reason.

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The instant I type a number in the URL section, it’s always saying “invalid”.


Anyway, I have a workaround now, thank you for your time with this small problem :slight_smile:

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