Pull to refresh functionality

It would be nice if @team could think about adding “pull to refresh” functionality for mobile as you know from other social media apps like Twitter etc (at least for “latest” sections, possibly others make sense, too).


Something simple with the current loading spinner would be fine.

Later, you could allow adding own CSS animations or animated gifs for giving Discourse forums another possibility for branding customization:



Chrome does this by default on Android.


It works in Chrome in iOS too, just not in Safari or the Discourse Hub app.

The only place where this would be remotely useful is topic lists, but even then the user is already made aware of updates and can refresh from that update prompt.


It doesn’t seem necessary to me, since Discourse has a dynamic update panel that appears automatically at the top of the page like so

Tap or click that panel to get the updated info.


Fair enough. Works for Android anyways, just not on iOS.

My only personal gripe is tap the banner is unreachable in mobile while operating with just one hand.


As it only affects iOS though and “reachability” is a thing across iPhones the banner can be reached from the ‘easy’ zone in the above.


“Only” iOs? Almost 30% market share.

And the banner can’t be reached from “easy” zone… it kind of a little pain in iOs IMHO.

Did you watch the video?

That’s the global average. In the UK iOS accounts for 46%, while in the US it’s closer to 60%.

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Don’t know what to see in the video… the banner can’t be reached from the easy zone on iOS, it’s not in the lower-left corner. Re market shares, that’s even worse then for communities in Europe/US.

So, I’m still advocating for a proprietary pull-to-refresh solution for Discourse to have the same UX experience on mobile across devices. That’s why most other apps do it.

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It absolutely is within the ‘easy’ region, that’s the whole reason the feature was added to iOS.

Can’t replicate this on my iPhone with Safari, how’s that possible? I’m on the latest iOS.

Trigger reachability. If it’s not turned on check settings/accessibility/touch.

It makes almost every app one-handed.

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I did not even know about this. So not switched on by default? Means, you can assume 99% of users don’t have it on in iOS.

The lack of topics complaining about it over the last seven years would at least suggest that this isn’t a significant problem.

Fair enough, that is your personal opinion. I have a different one.

For those interested to have a better user experience for iOS users: It is possible to build a simple component for the mobile view with the lightweight pull2refresh library (7kb minified). We did it and it works now as expected on all mobile devices without the need for 2 clicks required on iOS with the hidden feature enabled.


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