Push Notifications Not functioning

Thank you so much for the clarification. It sounds like I will recommend to my users to utilize Chrome on Android as my preference, and Firefox if that is their preference. You make a good point on desktop notifications, so I will steer clear of that for now. If Android and Firefox push notifications are the best I can hope for at the moment, that is perfectly fine. I just wanted to make sure I was providing whatever push notification functionality was available, short of using discourse.org hosting. Nothing against discourse.org, though.

I’m sure there would be a lot of us self hosted users who would pay for a service via official hosting for whatever server authentication is needed (pass through from our server), for push notifications.

Most of us self hosted users don’t need paid hosting at $100+/mo, but offer a $10-20/mo service that we install a plug-in that forwards notifications to discourse hosting and on to our hub app. I’d happily sign up!


That’s not planned, sorry.


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