Pushover notifications

Plugin for integrating Pushover notifications.


This allows notifications to be sent over Pushover, which grants push-notification support for iOS, through the 3rd party app.


Once installed, you will need an Application API token. Create a New Application and fill out the form.

After you created the application, copy the resulting API token to the Discourse admin plugin pages, and enable the plguin.

All users will then be able to add their User keys in their preference → Notifications.

There will be an immediate pushover message confirming the subscription.


Is this for real time notification on the phone when the site is not hosted by Discourse? Or is it for other purposes?

You got it; that’s pretty much it. Desktop and Android both have notification support natively; this is a way for self-hosters to get a notifications on iOS.


Thanks for this! Aside from the one time in-app purchase for each user, what are the pros and cons of using this vs. DiscourseHub?

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It’s probably less set up involved if users already are using Pushover (there have been a few requests for this already) - Pushover also allows you to customize which devices get notified. If you’re already in the ecosystem (as I have waded in), it gives an option for you to continue down that path.

On the downsides aside from in app purchases, this plugin isn’t going to be offered by any of DIscourse’s current hosting, so continued support here is really on my own time. You are also dependent on the discourse instance installing the plugin, whereas Hub can be used for any site, regardless of plugins.

DiscourseHub has separate concerns in addition to notifications - namely it allows you to aggregate activity of sites all in a single place. This plugin is just concerned with delivering notifications.

I built this mainly because I missed built in push notifications while moving to iOS, and had started using Pushover in other contexts (IRC, and long-running command line prompts), so it felt natural to start experimenting sending Discourse notifications to Pushover as well.


Is this still an active plugin? I have it installed, added the API key from Pushover, though I cannot see any place in /u/waffleslop/preferences/notifications to add a user key.

Discourse 2.7.0.beta5

I’m still around! :wave: Just been more behind-the-scenes lately. Been a bit since I dug into this particular plugin, but let me see what I can find out.


@waffleslop I can confirm that this plugin still works. Have you enabled the plugin and saved your application API key?

It won’t appear unless the plugin is enabled. A user will need to refresh the page to get it to show up after that.

After that, you will see the following in messages:

Screenshot from 2021-04-17 20-16-14

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The plugin works for me. All is well.

Hi @featheredtoast, is it possible that a recent update to discourse broke the plugin? :confused:

A few days after upgrading to 2.9.0.beta1, I received this message from Pushover saying my discourse plugin is making too many invalid requests to their API

This happened in spite of my very low notification volume. I’m nowhere near their quota.


Hmm, there’s nothing I’m aware of that would cause this to break on the Discourse end, but I can have a look.


This plugin is making Deprecation warning:

Usage of the Ember Global is deprecated. You should import the Ember module or the specific API instead.

Is there any plan to update the plugin? There was no activity here in quite some time from what I can see.

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I would have liked to use this too. But unfortunately I can confirm that at the moment using this plugin causes a console error ReferenceError: Ember is not defined

You can try this this fork for now:

url: https://github.com/Arkshine/discourse-pushover-notifications
branch: fix-deprecation

I will make a proper PR later. :+1:


I can confirm your fixed version working on my end!
Thanks :pray:

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It looks like David beats me on this, thanks! :smile:


Ah sorry @Arkshine - I was working on a report of the same issue over in Site broken due to ember 5 upgrade - #12 by david.

IMO it’s still worth posting your PR, and then I’ll close mine. Looks like yours does some more tidying, and also fixes a server-side deprecation :chefs_kiss:

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No problem @david :smile:. I wanted to split in multiple PRs, but it probably doesn’t matter that much here.
I made the PR :+1:


Apologies for not keeping up with this plugin’s maintenance lately - thanks for the changes @Arkshine - much appreciated :heart:


I made a tiny PR to fix the missing translation when a chat_message arrives.

fix the missing translation when a Chat message arrives. Keep it compact! · Pull Request #5 · featheredtoast/discourse-pushover-notifications (github.com)