Put Search Bar in .b-header instead of .d-header?

Hi, I cannot figure this out for the past 4hrs. I have 2 components that I am working with:
Discourse Header Search and Discourse Brand Header.
I am basically trying to combine the 2. I prefer Brand Header because I can add my own links and whatnot to the header, logo, etc., plus I hide the default navbar with .d-header {display: none;} anyway for my own purposes.

I am simply trying to add the search bar/functionality of Header Search to Brand Header. I copied all the folders & files from Header Search to my Brand Header repository, uploaded to GitHub, then got the result in my Admin panel. Sadly, no search bar or icon appeared on the Brand Header (.b-header) but when I re-enabled the .d-header, I now had 2 functional search boxes & icons. So, it is working properly, but I cannot figure out how to move it from .d-header to .b-header. Please help…

Here is how it looks currently (both are on .d-header):