[Question/Request] Featured image url for post

Hello all,
I know I’m not the first person to look into the best way to combine a blog platform with discourse.

I’m semi considering building a static blog with discourse comments. The other thought is building a static blog from discourse via querying the API when building the static site.

The thinking being maybe just a homepage is created, maybe preview content, but then any blog post would actually link directly to the discourse post.

I’m not sure in practice how great of an experience that is for the end user but something I’m considering and it gives potentially a lot more ability to do things such as share downloads with members or something like that.

One that that stops me is, blog posts generally have a featured image, or featured video, and potentially other meta data fields. All things I would need in that REST API call if I were to try to use it for this purpose.

What do y’all think?

Do you have any gripes about using discourse as comment engine on another blogging platform? Maybe there is a better way to just surface select content from discourse

Building a static homepage that just links to topics is totally doable and you can get all the info you need from the API to generate it.

If you looks at /latest.json you can get the featured image from the image_url field on each of the topics:

Have you taken a look at: Embedding Discourse Comments via Javascript ?

You may also be interested in Page Publishing and Topic List Thumbnails Theme Component which may help you in your blogging adventures.