Questions about moving an existing forum to Discourse

I wouldn’t bet on that.

Is it a valuable contribution if IBM hires fifty people to, gradually, in a way that doesn’t immediately look suspicious, ask for to be ported to the Z Machine because their made-up company supposedly needs it? Is it a valuable contribution if one guy joins a product manufacturer to complain about their charger catching fire, when that never actually happened to them and they work for a competitor? Is it valuable when a few people who seemed to be on the same side of a particular issue, but who disagreed in other cases, turned out to be one person who cares enough about that one issue to put extensive work into pushing it?

I’m sorry, but the context from which information comes is actually a part of determining whether it’s valuable or not.

Yes, of course, that is true. That’s why one tries to keep trolls out even if they post stuff which superficially looks good.

It is one of the more difficult jobs for a mod, because he is acting on knowledge which he is (in most cases) unable to reveal. It leads other people on the forum to believe that the forum is excessively / unfairly moderated… and the subject is easily able to capitalise on that.

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