Quick Access to Discourse Preference Pages with Easy Relative Links

Are you looking to navigate quickly to specific sections of your user preferences? Here are some handy links that will take you directly to each section:

And here’s how you can create these links in Markdown:

- [Account](/my/preferences/account)
- [Emails](/my/preferences/emails)
- [Notifications](/my/preferences/notifications)
- [Categories](/my/preferences/categories)
- [Tags](/my/preferences/tags)
- [Interface](/my/preferences/interface)

Just copy and paste the above Markdown into your post, and the links will be automatically created. This is a great way to guide users to specific settings in their preferences.

If you want to send a link to a user’s Account preferences via email, you can use an absolute URL like this:


You can quickly navigate to your Account preferences by clicking the following link:

[Account Preferences](https://meta.discourse.org/my/preferences/account)

Your Name

Remember to replace “https://meta.discourse.org” with your own forum’s URL. Enjoy navigating your preferences more efficiently!